About Me

My name is Joachim Jonquill Bates. I am a dynamic lifestyle and wedding photographer who loves listening to indie music, and capturing life around me! I don’t function unless I have my almost, hourly cuppa Rooibos Tea!
I’ve always had a camera in hand for as long as I can remember. Over time my love for photography grew in leaps and bounds.

I am self taught and as such have a distinct style and eye for photos, continually bettering myself each day. My motto “Capturing the moments”, is exactly what I strive to do with whatever I photograph. I make it my mission to capture that spark between people and the happenings in the world around us. I guarantee not just pictures.. but memories!

I offer a friendly, relaxed and professional service. You can expect a pleasant experience from start to finish!
My services are based in Johannesburg but are available anywhere in South Africa, and if need be, internationally.